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Resch Prototyping


Tour facts

  • German
  • 60 min.
  • max. 20 persons
  • children from 5 years of age
  • € 5.00
  • barrier-free

About Resch Prototyping

Pioneers in precision technology

In 2000 Gerald and Andrea Resch founded the company as a part-time business and soon renowned clients from various sectors took notice of the prototyping expert in the Southeast of Styria. They guaranteed the rapid growth of the company, which managed to jump right to the top of its field with machinery unique in Austria. The company in Glojach specializes in precision technology and the production of prototypes for various sectors. In 2005, the GmbH (company with limited liability) was established and thus, the duo dared to become fully self-employed. The prototypes produced in Glojach are used by the automotive and medical technologies as well as by the musical industry and many other fields. Apart from the CNC milling and turning work pieces, highlights are glass and ceramics processing, 3D printing as well as FSW welding processes and the production of mouthpieces. Using cutting-edge technologies and machines Resch ultimately became a pioneer in terms of precision technology in Austria.

From idea to prototype

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the automotive and medical industries all trust in Resch Prototyping. Visitors can follow the journey of an idea to a finished prototype. The experience tour starts in a 200-year-old farmhouse. Visitors can marvel at the traditional craftsmanship of our ancestors und enter a bygone world, in which every object was unique. Afterwards, they experience technology's growing possibilities and fast progress. And yet, it is no contradiction that prototypes are just as sought after today as have unique items been for many centuries. Resch Prototyping provides evidence for this as a pioneer in precision technology.


The seal of quality was awarded on 24 November 2017.


Experience tours:

  • by appointment
  • car and bus parking available

Experience tour


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