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Tour facts

  • English & German
  • 60 - 90 min.
  • max. 45 persons
  • children from 10 years of age
  • free admission
  • partially barrier-free

About Binder+Co

Of processing and environmental tech

Locksmith master Ludwig Binder established a company for building and decorative wrought iron work in Graz-Eggenberg in 1894. The company grew and when the operational works moved to Gleisdorf, the first large-scale plants for industrial minerals were built. Today Binder+Co develops high-tech machinery for the resource saving processing of raw materials as well as for the sorting and separation of waste materials. It is a world market leader in screening technology for difficult to sieve bulk goods and sorting technology for glass recycling. Binder+Co products provide for the highest level of processing and environmental technology on all five continents.

Research and production

The experience tour shows how machines are built for the processing of bulk goods. Visitors also learn about the production of market-leading screening and recycling machinery and how it works. Did you know, for example that not everything that looks like glass is necessarily glass? The CLARITY machine instantly recognizes all those difficult glass look-alikes with its sensors and cameras and assures immediate sorting purity. Production here is for custom-made plants, meaning that there is always something new and different being produced here in the largest circular industrial hall in Europe.

The seal of quality was awarded on 3 October 2012.


Experience tours:

  • by appointment
  • car and bus parking available

Experience tour


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