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Montan Terminal Kapfenberg


Tour facts

  • English & German
  • 60 min.
  • 5 - 25 persons
  • children from 6 years of age
  • free admission
  • barrier-free

About Montan Terminal Kapfenberg

Ecological logistics

The Montan Terminal Kapfenberg is in a traditional mining area, which means that it specializes in mining oriented products: these includes metal ores, alloys and alloy additives for the steel industry, which travel to Kapfenberg from China, South Africa or South America and proceed from here directly to local processing companies such as Böhler stainless steel or voestalpine. The company is a model ecological enterprise in the logistics centre with 80 percent of of goods arriving here by rail, and with only 20 percent arriving as (special) truck loads. This cuts pollution and takes the burden off the roads! The cleaning of the containers and the trucks is also dealt with in an ecological manner, and not a single drop of fresh water is used in this process.

The eco-tour provides a highly interesting and effective presentation of all the environmental advantages that goods transport by rail brings in comparison with trucks on the road. “unaccompanied combined transport” (UCT) is the somewhat clumsy term logistics experts use for this plain and simple advantage which we also explain simply and clearly to our visitors. Astounding here are not only the vast range of container types and the sophisticated high-tech loading techniques used for them, but also all the things that arrive in the containers, which our eco-tourists can see for themselves: a scientific field trip puts the spotlight on the most important raw materials that arrive here and how they are used – a great refresher course for brushing up on chemistry and lots of other knowledge.

The seal of quality was awarded on 25 November 2011.


Experience tours:

  • Monday to Friday from 9 am and by appointment from March to November
  • car and bus parking available
  • when arriving by public transport there is a walk to the terminal of about 400 m


Experience tour


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