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creative partners

INSPIRed & informed

Creatives, who work on the conceptualisation and realisation of an experience tour, bring along commitment, creativity and enthusiasm. In this process an experience in scenography and exhibition design as well as an understanding for infotainment are especially important.

The Creative Industries Styria (CIS) is responsible for the quality assurance in the project. It supports companies and creatives int he developemtn and implementation of experience tours. Whenever requeste, the Creative Industries Styria send out a  Call for Experts, to find suitable creatives. The company decied, with which creatives it wants to work.


    In order to support a company to attract future employees and to show people in the region how clean and safe production is, the right mix of information transmission and entertainment is necessary. Creative, who develop an experience tour, can provide both. 


    An experience tour requires a compley concept, which - depending on the company's demands - can range from architecture to graphic design to the coaching of tourguides. In any case a creative team, working on such a tour, has to be experienced in exhibition design and to be able to scenographically and didactically transport contents.



    Be “maximum informed, inspired, visible and connected”. Full Member get offered free and lower-cost access to a large number of special offers: Lectures, events and conferences of and with regional and international industry experts and also participation in calls, competitions, networking-journeys and excursions.

    The total service schedule for Free Member can be see here:

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