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INNOVATIvE & transparenT

The participation in "Experience Economy“ requires a clear commitment by the company managements as well as the employees, who are crucial of the success of the experience tour. All participating companies - as well as the experience tours that have been awarded the seal of quality - meet certain criteria.


    • Styrian location
    • At least 6 possible tour stops
    • Will to be transparent
    • Signing of the commitment
    • Guarantee of the visitors' safety
    • Eligibility for funding according to the guidelines of the SFG

    Detailed Information (in German)


    • Participation for a minimum of three years starting form the awarding of the seal of quality
    • at least one offered experiene tour per week (exceptions are legitimate)
    • Update of the experience tour (e.g. the displays) if necessary
    • Visible display of the seal of quality on the outside of the company building
    • Periodical transmission of data to the Creative Industries Styria (e.g. visitor numbers, photos, texts)
    • Regular data check on the website
    • Integration of the logo on the company website including link to the website of the project (subject to the existence of a website for the respective location)
    • Integration of the logo in advertising material, which is used to promote the experience tour
    • Integration of the logo in all print products froms, give-aways, etc that have been funded
    • "Liking" of the facebook page by the company's facebook page

    • Duration approx. 60 - 90 minutes
    • At least six clearly identified tour stops, four of them in the production areas
    • A maximum group size of 50 persons (the group can be splitted)
    • Suitable for visitors of all age groups (depending on safety guidelines)
    • Interesting for different target groups
    • Infrastructure for up to 50 persons
    • A sufficent number of specially trained tourguides
    • Cooperation with at least one company from the creative industries
    • Creative scenography and didactics
    • Interactivity and entertainment

Perfectly accompanied & supported

"Experience Economy - made in Styria" aims at offering a platform to innovative Styrian companies from various industries, in order to present their business to a broader public. Thereby, the visitors learn about the production of different products. Thus, the tour provides a direct contact between the people and the companies.

The companies are supported and accompanied by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG and Creative Industries Styria CIS in the conceptualisation, realisation and financing of the tours, but also in networking, markting and PR.

The role of the Styrian 
Business Promotion Agency SFG

The Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG offers funding to support the concept as well as the implementation phase of the project.

The Styrian Business Promotion Agency is the Styrian service point for companies, investors and initiators of economically relevant projects. They support them with promotion programs and networks in their investment, research, further training and expansion plans.

Please note: funding applications have to be submitted prior to beginning of the project! The SFG can only fund costs which arise after the arrival of the application.

Further information on the SFG

The role of the Creative
Industries Styria CIS

The Creative Industries Styria GmbH is responsible for the project management - it acts as a bridge between creative professionals and economy and thus initiates collaboration. The continuously growing network of Creative Industries Styria enables cooperation and synergies, which create mutual benefits.

In addition,  Creative Industries Styria supports the entire project process from the first declaration of interest by the company to the formal opening and the subsequent participation in the years after the implementation of the experience tour. Thereby, it is an important aim of Creative Industries Styria to guarantee the high quality of the experience tours and to advise the companies accordingly.

Further information on CIS

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