Opening Strobl Bau - Holzbau

Put the finishing touches on your wood with hammer and nails, while its fresh smell is in your nose – experience economy with all your senses. Strobl Bau – Holzbau, a company in Weiz, which belongs to the leading Styrian building enterprises, is the latest member of "Experience Economy" and recently received the seal of quality for an excellent experience tour.

Visitors can feel the surface of reinforced concrete walls and wooden formworks, act as carpenters and watch skilled professionals work at the machines. At Strobl Bau – Holzbau, visitors experience the entire process of construction from the building blocks to the finished house. Visitors walk along the prefabricated walls and – with the help of VR glasses - virtually stroll through modern apartments. The tour ends in the 1000 square meters OASIS Interior Design World – a special destination for families as well as experts.

Opening VA Erzberg

The Erzberg, where valuable iron ore has been mined for more than 1,300 years and every year about three million tons of fines are being shipped, is an important and crucial part of Austria's industry steeped in tradition. The iron ore mined in the largest Central European open cast mine is the basis for many products of Austrian but also international companies. After the awarding of the seal of quality on 18 July 2018 by Regional Minister for Economy Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Europe's most modern mining company is now a member of "Experience Economy!

The visitors of the experience tour get a look behind the scenes of the active ore mining from the controlled detonation to the shipping of the fines. The Hauly - "the world's largest taxi" –stops six times. During the trip, onboard videos and audio guides complement the tourguide's explanations.
One stop is at the "Research@ZaB - Zentrum am Berg", a project by the Montanuniversität Leoben. This research, development and training centre for tunneling and tunnel construction safety is unique in the world. In the future it will be used by students, researchers and emergency organizations.



Switching on the light, adjusting the desk chair and the computer – that belongs tot he past. With LOGICDATA's technology, the "smart" workplace will look differently: Inserting an ID-card and desk, office chair as well as lights automatically - thanks to mechatronic systems -adapt to the employee's individual needs. On 26 April 2018, the latest member of „Experience Economy" was awarded the seal of quality for its experience tour.

"Expect the unexpected", is the motto of the experience tour, which leads visitors through a time travel from the past to the future of intelligent furniture and beyond. Visitors learn on which technology the "smart" pieces of furniture are based and what can be expected regarding innovation, functionality and design in the fields of office- and home furniture in times to come. You experience the product development of a mechatronic system as well as the production of a gear wheel in a 3D printer, visit a virtual factory and interact with the furniture items of tomorrow.


In April 2018, "Experience Economy", already for the fifth time, organises the "Experience Economy"-University Tours". Within this month innovative companies offer experience tours especially for students. The goal of the initiative is to connect young people with potential future employers and to provide a vivid impression of regional value creation. The tpurs, which are professionally designed by creatives, enable views behind the scenes and closely show the fascinating world of production - thereby, the economy can be experienced with all senses.

The first twenty lecturers or students representatives that book a tour for a group, will receive free bus transport from the university to the company and back. Possible cost for the tours have to be covered by the students or the university.

Opening Resch Prototyping

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the automotive and medical industries all trust in Resch Prototyping. In Glojach, in the Southeast of Styria, visitors can follow the journey of an idea to a finished prototype. The tour opened on 24 November 2017.

The experience tour starts in a 200-year-old farmhouse. Visitors can marvel at the traditional craftsmanship und enter a bygone world, in which every object was unique. Afterwards, they experience technology's growing possibilities and fast progress. And yet, it is no contradiction that prototypes are just as sought after today as have unique items been for many centuries. Resch Prototyping provides evidence for this as a pioneer in precision technology: the founders and managers Andrea and Gerald Resch lead a highly specialized, innovative company in the Southeast of Styria, produce - among other things - mouthpieces for musical instruments and supply prototypes for automotive and medical technology.


Opening Murauer Bier

Every beer aficionado knows what beer looks like, how it smells and, most of all, tastes – but how does it sound? During the experience tour at the Murau brewery, visitors get the answer. On April 26, 2017, the latest member of the project “Experience Economy” received the seal of quality from the Styrian Minister for Economy, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl.

Since 2016, the Murau Brewery has been brewing a CO2 neutral beer. The former oil deposit, however, was transformed into a show brewery, where visitors can experience the brewery process live. In the “Brewery of the Senses” visitors learn a lot about the brewing process, can make a short trip through history in the old vaulted cellar, can marvel at the Murau water source through a show well and receive sensual impressions throughout the tour. Thus, they are invited to experience the wonderful aromas of beer with their noses, to listen to the brewing process, to touch the raw material and to taste Murauer beer.

In April 2017, "Experience Economy", already for the fourth time, organises the "Experience Economy"-University Tours". Within this month innovative companies offer experience tours especially for students. The goal of the initiative is to connect young people with potential future employers and to provide a vivid impression of regional value creation. The tpurs, which are professionally designed by creatives, enable views behind the scenes and closely show the fascinating world of production - thereby, the economy can be experienced with all senses.

The first twenty lecturers or student representatives that book a tour, will receive a free transport to and from the tour.

Opening Obersteirische Molkerei

Milk is at the center of the latest experience tour. At Obersteirische Molkerei, the latest member of the CIS focus, visitors discover the fascinating “Path of the milk“ and are introduced to the secrets of cheese production. On 18 November 2016, the experience tour in Knittelfeld opened its doors.

Nutritionally, milk is a source of protein, calcium and vitamins and its fine taste and the many different milk products makes it indispensable for gourmets. From now on, interested visitors can follow its path from the cow to modern processing steps such as microfiltration. At Obersteirische Molkerei in Knittelfeld visitors can look behind the scenes and see what happens in the quality controls, how yoghurt, curd and butter is produced, where cheese matures and how variety and fat content are established. And the Obersteirische Molkerei knows what it is talking about: 160 million liters milk are produced annually by 1,550 farmers within the framework of a agricultural cooperative.

Opening RESSENIG Fahrzeugbau

At the latest member of “Experience Economy“, size counts. Ressenig Fahrzeugbau is market leader in the construction of truck bodies in the South and East of Austria. From now on, the production in huge dimensions can be closely experienced by visitors. The experience tour was opened on 25 October by Christian Buchmann.

Individual large-scale contract production is the motto of Ressenig Fahrzeugbau in Kobenz. Large-scale because the company deals with the giants of the streets – trucks. Depending on their purpose, they are equipped with customized truck bodies for goods transport, the construction or forest industry. As Ressenig “makes everything possible“, special structures like special semitrailers and crane bodies are produced. The work on a truck takes 3 to 6 weeks. Thus, exciting insights are guaranteed, whenever you visit the family business.

Opening Steirerkraft Kernothek

The smell of roasted pumpkinseeds accompanies visitors when looking behind the scenes of the newest member of “Experience Economy“: The world of pumpkinseed oil  - Styria’s “green gold“ – can be experienced at Steirerkraft in St. Ruprecht/Raab in all its facets. The experience tour opened on 16 September 2016. An entire pumpkinseed oil world is now open to visitors of Steirerkraft. Under this brand not only pumpkinseed oil is pressed, the company also produces seeding material on a large scale: The majority of seeds for pumpkinseeds without a shell in Europe comes from Wollsdorf. Every year, 2.5 million bottles of pumpkinseed oil are filled, 25 million packages (for example with pan-coated pumpkinseeds or pumpkinseed brittle) and 10.000 tons of pumpkinseeds are processed for Steirerkraft. From the painstaking extraction in the past, to the culinary experience and the view into the transparent filling to the smell of freshly roasted seeds in the oil mill, the regional specialty can be experienced with all senses. 

Opening mhs boxsysteme

At mhs in Stainz, the latest member of “Experience Economy“, you can taste the quality of water and explore the so-called “Lebenswelt Wasser“. On July 15, the company specialized in the development of installation technology as been awarded with the seal of quality for its innovative experience tour.

More than half of the human body consists of water and without hydration, we can only survive for a few days. Reasons to show the value of water for humans and to explain, how important it is to preserve its quality. The new experience tour at mhs in Stainz is an experience world about water, as the company’s technical innovations deal with the valuable good. Company founder Since 1995, Alois Mochart has developed sustainable and secure installation technology – including the first boxsystem. In the recently opened experience tour, visitors can experience water with all senses, watch the company’s employees at work and try the individual production steps for themselves.

From April 1st to 30th, "Experience Economy", for the third time, organises the "Experience Economy"-University Tours". Within this month innovative companies offer experience tours especially for students. The goal of the initiative is to connect young people with potential future employers and to provide a vivid impression of regional value creation. The tpurs, which are professionally designed by creatives, enable views behind the scenes and closely show the fascinating world of production - thereby, the economy can be experienced with all senses.

The first twenty lecturers or student representatives that book a tour, will receive a free transport to and from the tour.

Opening Ing. Hugo Sampl

The family business Ing. Hugo Sampl in Gußwerk, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, is the 50th member of “Experience Economy“ and was awarded with the seal of quality on October 16.

They are more or less invisible companions, without which one could neither start a coffee machine nor lock the door or type on the computer keyboard – we are talking about springs. The family business Sampl has been producing sprigs and all kinds of bend parts for three generations. Up to 300 million springs, which are used in various machines, are produced every year. During the new experience tour, visitors can see how the precision work at the plant is done and which innovations are developed. The machine park allows a glimpse into the past – among other machines, visitors can see one that was designed and constructed by the grandfather of the current CEO.

5 years ago, "Experience Economy – made in Styria“ was started at the initiative of Minister for Economy Christian Buchmann as a focus of the Creative Industries Styria. Since then, a great number of innovative companies have created attractive and varied experience tours, which provide interesting views behind the scences of Styria's economy.

During the last 5 years, more than 1.7 million visitors have experienced industrial production in the 50 participating companies - in all of Styroa's regions and in a wide variety of sectors. Creatives, who design and implement the Styrian experience tours in close collaboration with the companies, guarantee the high quality of the experience tours. Thus, a win win win situation for the companies, the creative industries and all, who are interested in the diversity and performance oft Styria's economy.

Opening AVI

A really strong company is the newest member of the project "Experience Economy". AVI, located in Raaba, ensures stability in construction projects with the production of concrete reinforcement. On 15 October the experience tour war opened and AVI awarded with the seal of quality by Styrian Minister of Economy Christian Buchmann.

Everywhere, where concrete is used, reinforcements are necessary. They guarantee durability and stability. Many of these reinforcement products are produced in Raaba close to Graz: For generations AVI (Alpenländische Veredelungs-Industrie), which today has about 100 employees, has been producing various products, which are inserted into concrete for enforcement purposes. Thanks to the AVI experience tour, interested visitors can now for the first time see and experience, how the production processes take place and how innovation for partly complex technical products are originate.

Opening fangocur

15 years ago, fangocur in Fehring began to make valuable healing earth, the so-called "Gossendorfer Fango“ accesible to the people. Thus, for many years, it lay dormant underneath the earth, until fangocur started to produce high-quality products for the retrieval of health or to increase peoples' wellbeing. Today fangocur has 15 employees and the products are successfully sold all over Europe. Since October 12th, the company has been opening its tours to visitors. The aim of the experience tour is to show the special healing powers of a raw material from the region Styrian “Vulkanland“ and to demonstrate, in how many ways this ancient remedy can be in this day and age.

Opening Graz Airport

Ready for boarding? As a hub for the economy and tourism, Graz Airport significantly contributes to the internationalization of Styria as an industrial region. Since October 17, the experience tour, which was designed by look! design, can be booked. It offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the airport and makes individual work steps visible, which guarantee a smooth operation of take-off and landing. The focus of the tour lies on the significance of the regional airport for the economy in the South of Austria, the non-aviation offers and the measures concerning environmental protection and sustainability.

With about 900,000 passengers per year, Graz Airport is Austria’s third largest regional airport. It employs 900 people. Due to its wide offer of airlines with connections to the most important transfer airports such as Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Berlin and Istanbul as well as about 50 destinations on the summer flight schedule, the airport has become an important economic and touristic hub not only for Styria, but also the neighbouring countries Carinthia, the South of Burgenland and Slovenia.

Explore Industry – the factory tour for children and teenager

Explore Industry cooperates with "Experience Economy" and stands for tailor-made factory tours for the target group of 8 to 14 year-old children. School classes get an insight into domestic industrial companies and get to know more about products and processes. The factory tours follow a didactic concept and are to be understood as an addition to the school lessons. For teachers, information material for the preparation of the factory tour and follow-up-work are provided. Explore Industry is a an offer of Styrian industrial companies and is coordinated by the Federation of Austrian Industries Styria.

Take Tech Aktionstage 2015

The initiave by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG invites Styrian school students to an expdition into the innovative world of Styrian high-tech companies. A glimpse behind the scenes of technical and scientific professions motivates young people to chose career paths with potential – and helps companies to find the qualified professionals of tomorrow.

In the course of two action weeks, the participating companies open their doors for company tours in order to give Styrian students practical insights into the fascinating business world of technology and natural sciences. The companies as well as the young people gain lots of supporting services when taking part in this innovative job orientation initiative – such as background information, PR and coaching.

Opening Genussgut Krispel

What Genussgut Krispl in Hof bei Straden has to offer, ranges from quality wine to bacon made from the rare mangalitza pigs. The internationally known model company is the newest member oft he project “Experience Economy“ and has received the seal of quality for an excellent experience tour on July 1.

The goal of the family Krispel is to work as close to nature as possible. Thus, wine is produced especially gently in one of the largest wine cellars in the southeast of Styria with the most modern cellar techniques. And also the innovative culinary products obtained from the mangalitza pig are entirely natural. In the new experience tour, which attracts all the senses, visitors learn that the secret of all gourmet products lies in the volcanic stone. The tour encompasses among other things a scent installation, the mystical volcanic stone and the process of making wine. In addition to a guided tour, visitors can also chose to walk around on their own -  guided by an especially developed QR system, which leads to interesting and entertaining multimedia content.

From April 20 to 24, "Experience Economy" invites students of Styrian universities and universities of applied sciences to a glimpse behind the scences of the economy and to get to know interesting professional fields. The student groups will receive free transport to and from the tour. The aim is to offer students the possibility to visit companies, which are relevant to their major field of study and to talk to the management diretcly on-site. 

Good news for all friends of Styria, who like to take day trips and mini-breaks in their home country. In 2015 you can explore about 120 destinations with the Steiermark-Card. Once bought, the card offers free entry from April 1 to October 31. The total value of the entry fees lies for an adult at more than 950 Euro if every destination is visited once.

Information on the destinations, points of sale, prices and discounts can be found at

Opening HAGE Sondermaschinenbau

According to the motto "It won’t work is not an option", HAGE develops and produces special machines in the Styrian municipality Obdach. Each individual machine is custom-build and build according tot he client’s requirements. Since November 21, the high-tech company opens its doors for visitors.

At first glance, sawing and welding plants don’t have a lot in common with 3D printers for cranial bone implants. But behind both are very specific requirements, which the Styrian special machines manufacturer HAGE can meet with its know-how and experience. The new member of "Experience Economy", which was the 45th company receiving the seal of quality, is a specialist for special orders. Under the slogan "Discover the machine in yourself" visitors can experience the entire process from the idea to the production of such a special machine.

Opening Josef Prödl Tischlerei

How is an innovative piece of furniture out of solid wood made? As carpenter and partner of architects, the family business Prödl in Kirchberg/Raab has all the answers to this question. In the manufacture, unique pieces, which let visitors feel the joy of joinery. The internationally operating company is the newest member of “Experience Economy” and received the seal of quality on November 18.

The kitchen plays a central role in the living space concept, is focus point in people’s living area. Also in the work of the Tischlerei Prödl, it has played a central role ever since 1956. Already grandfather Josef Prödl positioned Prödl kitchens. This year the company presented the kitchen concept LIN. With the experience tour, the company now shows its visitors how – with lots of care and patience - a pile of boards becomes a high-quality piece of furniture.

From November 17 to 21, "Experience Economy" invites students of Styrian universities and universities of applied sciences to a glimpse behind the scences of the economy and to get to know interesting professional fields. The student groups will receive free transport to and from the tour. The aim is to offer students the possibility to visit companies, which are relevant to their major field of study and to talk to the management diretcly on-site.

Opening Flecks Steirerbier

The Styrian entrepreneurial family Flecks has already designed and constructed 100 breweries in 30 countries worldwide - in Europe, but also in exotic destinations such as Ulan Bator in Mongolia, South Africa and the Caribbean. Now, Austria’s most modern craft brewery was opened in Frohnleiten as a reference plant and awarded with the “Experience Economy” seal of quality.

Flecks Steirerbier invites to a fantastic trip along the beer brewery process – from nature to high tech methods. Packed in an entertaining brewery show, the experience tour offers interesting insights into the beer production process and the latest brewery technology. 

Opening Brauerei Puntigam

A company with histroy and strong sales figures may now call itself a partner of "Experience Economy - made in Styria". The Puntigam Brewery, whose history goes back to 1478, today produces more than hectolitres beer per year. On 18 July Styrian Minister for Economy Christian Buchmann awarded the tradional company the seal of quality for its experience tour. From now on visitors can book experience tours at the brewery in Graz. .

Opening VINOBLE Cosmetics

Research and science combined with natural, regional raw materials are the starting point for the high-quality products of VINOBLE Cosmetics. On July 8, the experience tour, which enables visitors to experience the company’s know-how with all senses, opened its doors.

Smelling the essences and oils, listening to the history of vinotherapy, feeling the near-natural cosmetic products on your skin and taking a look into the production – the new VINOBLE Cosmetics experience tour invites you to a sensual trip. In Fresing at the Sausal wine route, you can find the competence center, the production site and the logistics oft he spa brand, which stands for precious, natural ingredients from grapes and elderberries.

Opening M&R Automation

The know-how of M&R Automation in Grambach close to Graz, lies in innovative automation solutions in the areas of assembly, measurement and testing technology. On July 2, the company opened its experience tour as the 40th member of “Experience Economy – made in Styria”.

Industries such as the automotive production need the sophisticated solutions and innovative production technology of M&R Automation. Testing facilities for automotive components or production plants, which produce electric toothbrushes in a matter of seconds are examples for successful projects by the expert for industrial automation. Visitors can view all this for themselves in the new experience tours.

Look forward to July 2014!

In July 2014 holders of the Steiermark-Card will get a 50% discount on the following experience tours:

•    AL-KO Kober, Obdach
•    A. Gollenz Lederpflege, Hirnsdorf
•    A. Fischerauer Essig, Pischelsdorf
•    art+event, Dekorationswerkstatt, Graz
•    art+event, Kostümwerkstatt, Graz
•    Berghofer-Mühle, Fehring
•    Cargo Center Graz, Werndorf
•    Destillerie Franz Bauer, Graz
•    erLebzelterei Pirker, Mariazell
•    Gölles, Riegersburg
•    Medienfabrik Graz, Graz
•    Trachtenmode Hiebaum, Studenzen
•    VINOBLE Cosmetics, Fresing

Simply book a tour and show the card when paying on-site. The discount is valid fort he holder of the card.

Opening Almenland Stollenkäse

One of Europe's best cheeses mature in the silver mine in Arzberg close to Passail. At Almenland Stollenkäse one can immerse oneself with all senses into the production of a genuinly natural product. On 9 May, Styrian Minister for Economy Christian Buchmann opened the experience tour of the 39th "Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft" company.

Opening AMES

Since 11 April visitors can experience live how aircraft parts, which are used in airplanes all over the world, are designed, constructed and produced by AMES in Peggau. Styrian Minister of Economy Christian Buchmann awarded the Styrian high tech company the sealf of quality of  "Experience Economy“.

"Visitors will see different things in every one of our experience tours, as our developments and production processes concern all parts of aircraft cabins and airplane entertainment electronics." says AMES founder Walter Starzacher.


Opening erLebzelterei Pirker

On Monday, April 7, the experience tour through the erLebzelterei Pirker in Mariazell opened its doors! After the official ceremony with music, consecration and top-class keynote speakers, the doors stayed open the entire afternoon including sweet sample tastings. What is the motto of the traditional family business Pirker? “A life for gingerbread!”

Where in Styria is a high tech production for the aviation industry? Where is your nose delighted by the smell of freshly baked gingerbread? Where can you touch wood and see, how it is used for the production of furniture and windows? On the "Experience Economy"-Day on 11 April 2014 the entire diversity of Styria's economy can be experienced closely and with all senses. On this day, 33 companies open their doors - may of them free of charge. In addition, attractive prices are waiting and the first five school classes that book a tour, will get a free bus transfer from the school directly to the chosen company!

Openings 2014

2014 you can look forward to the following new experience tours:

Almenland Stollenkäse in Arzberg close to Passail, AMES in Peggau, the Brauerei Puntigam in Graz, HAGE Sondermaschinenbau in Obdach, the Josef Prödl Tischlerei in Kirchberg, the erLebzelterei Pirker in Mariazell, M&R Automation in Graz and VINOBLE Cosmetics in Fresing.

As soon as the companies have received the seal of quality, the tours can be booked online.

Opening NWW - Möbel & Polstermöbel

On November 22, the entrepreneurial family Polzhofer received the seal of quality for the new experience tour at the NWW – Möbel & Polstermöbel production site.

The experience tour at Neue Wiener Werkstätte, a brand of the KAPO GmbH, begins by smelling the stored wood and feeling the unique material, which later is transformed into furniture of the highest quality. Starting from there, visitors can closely accompany a piece of quality furniture on its way trough the family business, which has been specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality products for the furnishing sector for more than 80 years, from the product development to the finale completion.

Opening Destillerie Franz Bauer

"We like the project, which enables Styrian companies to work with professional support from the creative industries at their factory tours", stresses Hans-Werner Schlichte, general manager of the Destillerie Franz Bauer. "Many like to look to foreign countries, but you do not have to go to Scotland or Ireland to visit a professional and at the same time traditional destillery. Most of the time, our visitors are surprised, what is hidden behind our wall."

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